For Noa

Noa asked, or rather mused over how I must have looked to Sogyal Rinpoche when we first met in 1986. I’m not sure she really expected to find out, but this morning I dug out a snap from my first ever summer retreat in 1986.

It was a grueling affair. The organizers had done a cheap deal with a ski lodge in the French Pyrenees and we dined on tinned green beans and a tasteless sludge, the name of which I never learned to pronounce.

It was also my first experience of a multi-national shrineroom and the daily scrummage for front seats that invariably resulted in passonate and sometimes violent contratemps. What the hell had I got myself into?

I didn’t go the next year. Oh, balmy days of courageous rebellion…

4 thoughts on “For Noa

  1. I expected full compliance and am duly sated. What a gorgeous snapshot. You have barely changed at all.

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