Naughty Tulkus

Apologies for my lack of photo research this morning, I’m a bit pushed for time. Many of you will already have this fabulous photo by Raphael Demandre of Khyentse Rinpoche and Rabjam Rinpoche, but there’s always a chance one or two of you may not have seen it. It’s more than twenty years old I think. And I’ve resorted to posting it because it seems appropriate to another of the stories Rabjam Rinpoche and Khyentse Rinpoche reminisced over during those few days in 2006 when Rabjam Rinpoche visited Bir.

Apparently, when they were studying together, I think at Sakya College (but I may be wrong), all tulkus were forbidden to go to the movies. Undeterred, Khyentse Rinpoche and Rabjam Rinpoche found a way of sneaking out of school so they could creep into the local cinema once the lights were down with their zens drapped over their heads so no one would recognize them.

And of course, there was a first time. Everything worked perfectly until it came to the interval, which they’d forgotten all about. The lights suddenly came up in the middle of the movie and they scrambled to cover their heads, then looked around to work out what was going on. Dotted throughout the cinema, which was quite large, Rabjam Rinpoche said they could identify between twenty-five and thirty tulkus, all covering their heads with zens in rather vain attempts at concealing their identities.

7 thoughts on “Naughty Tulkus

  1. thank you. i didn’t know the proper name of the shawl. 🙂 but how come it is called ‘zen’?

  2. Very nice blog. I read all the posts and had a great time, thank you for sharing. This last story is particularly dear to me. It reflects one of Rinpoche’s highest atributes for me, his subtle way of protecting us from selfrighteousness, rigid thought and pretence. The anecdote reminds me of The Cup, his lovely film. Evidently, the subject was not light to him. Although I have never met him, he is present in my everyday life, and I love him dearly, as my true root teacher. It would take too long to express how much he has helped me. I thank him from this place too. May it be for the benefit of all.

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