India is full of sadhus and although I no longer stare when I see them wandering the streets, they are so far removed from the kind of people I’m used to mingling with that each encounter tends to linger in my memory—well, what’s left of my memory.

Sometime in 2007 Rinpoche invited a local Hindu priest for lunch to talk about doing a couple of pujas at the Labrang, and the priest brought with him two local sadhus.

I don’t know any hard facts about the turbaned sadhu, but to my eyes he is virtually transparent. I always try to keep him in my eye line just in case he melts away completely, but I can never manage it because he seems to teleport from one spot to another, like a slide projection.

The other sadhu lives in a cemetery near Chauntra, and at the time this photo was taken we were told he had just started speaking again after 30 years of complete silence.


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