Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche’s Mullah Stories (3)

One day, Mullah found a donkey wandering around outside his house, so he put it in his back yard.
A little later a man walked by and asked Mullah if he had seen his donkey.
“No,” replied Mullah.
Just then, the donkey brayed loudly.
“But Mullah,” exclaimed the man. “I can hear my donkey braying!”
“Who do you believe,” retorted Mullah, “Me or the donkey?”

P.S. I should probably amend the title of these stories because Penelope discovered that the Mullah in question is Mullah Nasruddin (many thanks Penelope). But I don’t think I will. I still cherish the memory of hearing them from the lips of Shechen Rabjam, so I’m going to stick to my original title.
P.P.S. You’ve probably all seen wonderful photos of the day Khyentse Rinpoche posed with donkeys in the courtyard of the Labrang in Bir. Even so, I can’t resist posting one of my own…

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