Men in Skirts

Yesterday as I trawled through my pictures from Bhutan to find the one I posted of Emily, two things happened simultaneously: Andreas burst into our sitting room laughing from head to toe, as only he can, to point out the above youtube link, and I came upon today’s photo. It was taken at the same tenshyuk I mentioned yesterday, and that I should find it as I listened to this song struck me as an interesting coincidence.

Perhaps I should explain. As you will hear from the song (great singer, by the way), many of those born on my island are fascinated by men in skirts. Bizarrely, the further north you go, meaning the colder the weather, the more likely it is that you will bump into skirted men. Not the faux-David Beckham types in a designer sarongs, or would-be Boy Georges, these are the hard men from the north, beefy, bearded, whisky-swilling out-door types who live in T-shirts and kilts, only resorting to woollies once the temperature hits -1 (centigrade). And the focal point of our fascination revolves around the myth that ruggard kilt-wearing Scots eshew underwear, whatever the weather.

So, naturally, when I visited Bhutan where the male population also forgo trousers in preference for their national dress (I think its a legal requirement), it got me thinking. How far do the similarities between the Bhutanese and the Scots go? And I felt it my duty to investigate. Hence the photograph. Hmmn…?

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