The Kerry Recruit

Yesterday evening I accompanied Andreas to the Irish Times on Leipziger Straße for an evening of traditional Irish music. Andreas, who sings at home quite a lot (although mostly in the shower; he runs a bath in which to wash, then jumps into the shower to sing), has initiated a ‘session’ on Sunday evenings and this was to be the second musical gathering. (The next will be in two weeks time, for any Berliners who are interested.)

After a few instrumental numbers, Andreas took his turn and I must say he sang rather well. It was the first time I’d ever heard him sing when he wasn’t soaking wet, and the best thing about the lack of bathroom sound effects was that I was able to capture the performance of one his favourite songs on video. Unfortunately, now it’s on YouTube the picture is a bit on the dark side, but the music, the important bit, has retained its lustre.

3 thoughts on “The Kerry Recruit

  1. big regret of not having been able to come and hear this irish bloak life! when is the next one in two weeks? will OTR already be in Berlin, so we could make him happy?

    1. Yes, two weeks on Sunday, which is the week before OT Rinpoche arrives! You could try acquiring a couple of bottles of Guinness and then present them to Andreas when he’s with Rinpoche. The introduction of Irish stout into his bloodstream tends to work like a charm on his vocal chords !

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