Khenpo Jigphun 1993

In 1993, Khenpo Jigme Phuntsog, the incarnation of Terton Sogyal who lived in Tibet, visited Sogyal Rinpoche at Lerab Ling. I have two strong memories of that time. The first is that in spite of his very long journey, the moment Khenpo Jigphun arrived he dashed into the main shrine tent (well, dashed…) to tell everyone that Sogyal Rinpoche is the crazy wisdom incarnation of Terton Sogyal (not that we had many doubts about that). And the other is that Khenpo would hang his mala on one of his very large ears when he wasn’t using it.

As you can see in both photos, Andreas was entrusted with holding a large umbrella for Khenpo to provide him with some relief from the intensity of the mid-summer sun, which he did extremely elegantly, in spite of the fact he probably had more beer in his alcoholstream than blood.

Andreas was given the above photo for some now forgotten reason, and I managed to acquire the one below as a photocopy when Andreas and I got together that September (which may only have happened because he had more beer in his alcoholstream than blood…). I’ve kept it in my copy of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying at the beginning of the chapter entitled “Intrinsic Radiance” ever since.
My apologies. Yet again I have no clue as to the name of the photographer(s). 

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