Sweet Peas

We planted some sweet peas on our balcony this year and, apart from a little mould here and there, they’ve turned out rather well.

My first encounter with sweet peas was when I was six or seven and a bridesmaid. I wore a long pink, empire line dress with short puffed sleeves and a pink velvet bow, with a circlet of artifical pink flowers on my head, my long hair loose, and white gloves. There were three other bridesmaids, but they were all older and I got all the attention. I vaguely remember falling for the best man, but what really stayed with me all these years was my bouquet of sweet peas, which I truly loved.

This year, though, more than forty years after our first encounter, I discovered why they are called sweet ‘peas’. They produced pea pods! Which I saw for the first time two weeks ago when they appeared on our balcony. Imagine!

What else have I missed over the years, I wonder?


3 thoughts on “Sweet Peas

  1. Darling girl,
    this is where the seeds come from, so do leave the ‘peas’ on and let them ripen. Also, sweet peas have the most heavenly smell.

    1. Hey Susie! Yes my ignorance about flowers must pretty shocking, especially to a master gardner like you! I’d twigged the smell, though. My nose was buried in my bouquet for the entire service! Lovely to see you here, and I hope you’re well.

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