Mullah Nasruddin (5)

I’m afraid I’ve run out of the Mullah stories that Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche told Khyentse Rinpoche and Sogyal Rinpoche over supper in Bir, but they aren’t so difficult to find online, so I am tapping into a new source especially for my friend Jamyang Chodron.

One day Mullah Nasruddin went to market to buy some new clothes. First he tried on a pair of trousers, but didn’t like them and so he returned them to the shopkeeper. Then he tried on a robe which was the same price as the trousers. Mullah was pleased with the robe and walked out of the shop.

As he climbed on to his donkey, the shopkeeper and his assistant came running after him.
“Mullah! You haven’t paid for the robe you’re wearing,” shouted the shopkeeper.
“But I gave you the trousers for the robe, didn’t I? replied Mullah.
“Yes,” said the shopkeeper, “But you didn’t pay for the trousers either!”
“Well, I didn’t buy the trousers,” replied Mullah. “I am not so stupid that I would pay for something that I didn’t want!”

2 thoughts on “Mullah Nasruddin (5)

  1. did you hear me thinking of, when is Janine going to write the Mullah again, last night!!!
    Hope you are well after the op.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing some photos of you after your op. (just a joke! or then again not? don’t know!)

  2. Fortunately there were no cameras in my vicinity! Or put it this way, cameras were banned! My face looked a bit like a deflating football, but is much better now. I hope you’re well.

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