This weekend was a weekend of work, but as the sun made its first appearance of the summer on Saturday afternoon and took a few bows on Sunday, Andreas and I took time out (note my confident use of an Americanism) to catch a few rays.

On Saturday we went to the park just south of the canal, which takes about fifteen minutes to walk to, and boasts a long rectangular lake where enthusiasts sail model boats (picture 1).

On Sunday we cycled north to the old Tempelhof airport (five minutes) and rode around the perimeter. We saw, quite by accident, the police motor cycle stunt team giving a display (picture 2), three fenced in dog runs full of happy dogs shitting and pissing in between a great deal of arse licking, loads of kite flyers (some kites were a big as parachutes), entire families grilling wurst (and the odd pig) on the portable barbeques that all true Berliners seem to own, multifarious roller bladers—youthful roller bladers, senior roller-bladers, single roller-bladers, married roller-bladers, roller bladers pushing prams (whatever happened to roller skates?)—cyclists, joggers, mobile cafés and beer gardens and a jolly mass of Berliners enjoying the open space.

And picture 3 is Andreas feeling in his pocket for a fag. I love Berlin.

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