Delhi Railway Station

Rinpoche likes trains. Even Indian trains. Perhaps I should say especially Indian trains. More often than not he catches the night train from Delhi and settles down in a 2nd class A/C sleeper for perhaps the longest night’s sleep he ever gets. The train arrives at Chakki Bank or Pathankot in the early hours and then it’s four hours of windy mountain roads to Bir.

Rinpoche hates wasting time.  He is always doing something. On this occasion he was at Delhi railway station (which is the most chaotic and challenging place on the face of the planet; for me, at least), where he sat on his suticase quietly reading a script someone asked him to give feedback on as he waited for his train.

6 thoughts on “Delhi Railway Station

  1. If you’re travelling with a group of people, it can be fun. But for a woman on her own taking the night train isn’t quite as relaxing…. Personally, I wouldn’t do it unless there was no other choice.

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