Khyentse Rinpoche at Jamyang’s Sister’s House

We ate momo’s at Jamyang’s house last night. Her momos are the most delicious you can imagine and she never fails to make a huge pile of them so we could really dig in and gorge ourselves.

Anyway, that’s really not the point here. Having spent the evening with Jamyang it occurred to me that I had a few photos somewhere of the day we went to her sister’s new house in the hills surrounding Thimpu. Rinpoche was performing a puja there (White Tara I think, but I can’t really remember) along with a few monks and long-haired gomchens. It was a lovely atmosphere and I remember the food was also particularly good. So here’s a snap of that day.

There’s a phrase I remember being repeated ad nauseum during my early years, “God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world.” Well, the whole god thing has been rather blown apart for me by Buddhadharma, so taken literally it doesn’t really make sense any more. But when Rinpoche looks as happy as he does in this photo, I can easily buy into the illusion that, just for this instant, all really is right with the world. 

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