A Shelf

I am in a slightly arty-farty mood today, so I’m posting another still life from my home. Well, our home, actually, because of course, Andreas lives here too. Although, as he prefers a quiet life, he does tend to follow various guidelines (‘rules’ may be a little harsh… or not) that I set down.

This picture is of the middle two shelves where all our dvds are store. There are ten in all, but the middle one lies below the shelf holding our favourite TV series, the timeless productions that never fail to entertain, and above TV series that we like a lot but which have dated a bit  (like X-files). And as you can see, on that middle shelf are photos of Khyentse Rinpoche, dating from the early eighties right up to the mid noughties.

Is it really a kind of shrine, I hear you thinking to yourselves? Perhaps. And could such an assembly of disparate snaps be considered a kosher shrine (so to speak), from a Dharma point of view? I have no clue! Does it place Khyentse Rinpoche’s image in the midst of products of a media that rarely fails to inspire him? Albeit in a slightly abstract, homespun way? Well, what do you think? 

4 thoughts on “A Shelf

  1. In the same way that you had a very strong reaction to my barefeet in Vancouver, I have a very strong urge to rearrange your (and Andre’s) bookshelf. Because of my personal manias, I need for the photos of DJK to be above your favorite tv series (even though they look so cozy nestled in the middle.) A few years ago Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche made an unexpected visit to my home and spent a half an hour artistically rearranging my bookshelf putting all the dharma books and photos on the top shelf, it probably stems from that… I hope I can visit your home someday.

  2. Yes, you have my sympathies. I suppose I should add that I keep all my Dharma books upstairs on their own dedicated shelves and never mix them with ‘ordinary’ books. Which shows I’m still programmed with Tibetan sensibilities. Let’s put this shelf down to a childish rebellion! I hope you come here too, when you’re next in Berlin.

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