Dogs in Bir

Honestly, dogs in India are not inspiring. Well, they are. They inspire pity for their horrible diseases, fear when one of them gets rabies and the desire to commit murder when they howl throughout the night ten feet from your window.

This shot Andreas took of dogs in Bir is how we see these creatures during the day as they sleep off a hard night of noisy prowling, husbanding their resources for another exciting night howling to the moon. Once the sun sets, we don’t see them at all. How could we? We, very sensibility, are in bed, trying to sleep. They, on the other hand, grow horns and red points appear on their tails as they transform from objects of compassion into servants of the demon of insomnia. And going by the volume they achieve, they must carry hidden amplifiers to ensure universal sleeplessness. If only I could find their mute buttons…

2 thoughts on “Dogs in Bir

  1. Funny – your reaction and mine are so different. These dogs bring unbearable pain to my heart. Almost so much that i can’t even visit
    India…. Amazing how its all just our own perception huh?

  2. I nearly wrote something about that in the blog—that you are so much more tender hearted than me, especially when it comes to animals. But I decided not to just in case I wrote it badly and it didn’t work for you….

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