The last few posts have been rather photo heavy, I’m afraid, and this one is bordering on the ridiculous, but what to do? At about 3.45 yesterday morning I discovered, to my horror, that every single one of my carefully tended and nurtured words and phrases had upped sticks and made a run for it. I don’t think they could stand the pace. So I spent the entire day gibbering as I had to rely on the cast-offs of others that spilled out unnoticed and cowered in the shadows. But I had no clue what what on earth I was talking about.

As any semblance of eloquence has yet to reappear I have once again resorted to pictures. I won’t try to explain them, I’ll just confuse you. Suffice to say, they were chosen because they have the power to make my tough old heart ache a little.   

4 thoughts on “Denouement

  1. Dear Janine, taking the liberty without even asking you:
    welcoming with music
    offerings by the sensual full bosomed consort
    dances of the dakinis
    who else should decend but the thigle itself
    prostrating to it even by highly accomplished beings
    yet, these are all nothing but photographs only

  2. quoting and plagarising, I would say!
    quoting from your above photographs, plagarising the sense of the words spoken by realised beings.

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