Mullah Nasrudin (8)

Mullah opened an agency for those who give speeches because he knew many people who were convinced they had something interesting to say.
Unfortunately, though, most of the people who thought they were interesting and amusing rarely were, and he received many complaints.
“Next time someone books a speaker, I’ll make sure they are satisfied!” thought Mullah.

Soon, a telegram arrived from a study society that read: “Please supply us with a wit to address our group on Sunday.”

“Ah ha!” thought Mullah, “This time I’ll make certain they get what they’ve asked for.”
He contacted two of his speakers and gave them the address of the society and the time they should be there. Then he sent a telegram to the secretary of the society: “Wits difficult to find. So have sent two half-wits instead.”

MORAL: The sum of the parts is not necessarily equal to the whole.

(with thanks to Idries Shah’s books of stories about Mullah) 

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