The Ama-la pictured here is not Sogyal Rinpoche’s mother. In India, it seems, all woman past child-bearing age with wrinkles and grey hair are called ‘Ama-la’, or ‘mother’. I guess it’s a monicker that will be applied to me before very long (Gott im Himmel!).

You’ll remember (you have a good memory) that I posted a picture of her with a goose not long ago. She lives at OT Rinpoche’s home. in the room beneath where I stayed, and we greeted each other every morning for week. Only two words were ever exchanged (Tashi Delek, a cover-all Tibetan greeting), but I now think of her as an old friend.

I feel I must apologize to regular readers for the horrible typos in recent posts. I really am the worst proof reader in the world. And I never have my reading glasses to hand, or am in a dash, or whatever. Typically, I find the mistakes after I’ve published and although I correct them as soon as I see them, I doubt I catch them all before you start reading.

Anyway, here’s Ama-la turning the huge new prayer wheel that OT Rinpoche installed recently.

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