Hand and Foot

This is the third picture of Elise to appear on your screen in recent times, but it’s not the image I had in mind. Inevitably, I managed to leave my camera on my desk while hunted down a cup of tea (they have become strangely elusive of late), then happened upon Elise, sitting, as she is in the snap, but surrounded by platters and bowls and cake stands piled high with momos. Hundreds of them.

Perhaps I should explain that Khyentse Rinpoche is currently offering a Tsok Bum and Elise is one of the organizers and arrangers of the offerings, and this is why she got down and dirty (literally) with the momos in the courtyard. It’s not an activity she engages in on a regular basis.

You’ll notice that, apart from the fact she is so beautiful, she was sitting with one of her legs extended. This is because she turned her ankle ten months ago (I think in Sikkim) and the resulting ‘inflammation’ was so painful that she ended up in Brazil (her country of birth) under a surgeon’s knife. She only returned to India a couple of weeks ago, and she still has to be very careful.

So, why is her hand bandaged? Because in spite of her fragile state, our Elise did not hesitate to leap into the fray in an attempt to separate two dogs fighting. OK, they were her dogs, but any six year old will tell you that the only sensible reaction to a dog fight is to stay as far away as possible. Elise didn’t. So now she is doubly incapacitated, and her husband, Mr Wyatt de Grande, is to waiting on her hand and foot (sorry, I couldn’t resist…). Poor Elise!

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