Chakki Bank Revisited

Chakki Bank railway station is pretty grim. I’d forgotten at first, but if you ever go there, make sure you check the ground around any seat you choose to sit on, for pigeon shit. They lurk in the metal rafters, and their aim is deadly. Luckily, an old man alerted me to the danger I was in before their vile and smelly projectiles were let loose, so I managed to avoid being rained on. Others were not so lucky…

New Delhi railway station is also quite an experience. I’ve had to fight my way out of it a few times now, but it never gets any easier. This time, after hours of neurotically clinging my computer to my heart, I managed to leave it on the train. Again, luckily, I remembered in time and with unexpected strength and determination, ran against the flow of disembarking Indians (they were determined to walk up the stairs, I to run down) and retrieve my rucksack just before the train departed for Gujerat.

On my way to the station yesterday morning, I spied the sign I’ve posted above. I love Indian signs. And as I waited for the train, captured a classic Indian scene: Man Squatting Under Tree. This particular tree is on the other, virtually deserted platform at Chakki Bank. The one I’d squeezed onto was heaving with all manner of beings, so the land of the man squatting looked as though it belonged to a different world.

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