An Indian Juicer (corrected version)

I took this snap on a trip to Kangra with Drubgyud Tenzin Rinpoche in 2010 on a visit to the Shaktipeeth Vajreshwari Devi-Kangra Temple.

When I first wrote this post, I gave the temple a different name and mentioned seeing a crown here, a sacred crown, a fuzzy picture of which I still hold in my memory. But as I leafed through Rinpoche’s photos this morning, I realized I’d been talking (or writing) through my hat. I’m still convinced I saw a crown, but can find no mention of one in descriptions of the temple I’ve been reading. Maybe an alien presence invaded my brain with strange, uninterpretable images that this rusty mind fell for, hook line and sinker. Clearly, it requires a great deal more oiling…

The Nagarkot Dham, or Kot Kangra temple (popular names used by locals) isn’t dedicated to she who breathes fire at all. That temple is a couple of hours drive away (and looks quite similar to this one). This one is where a goddess dropped her left breast. But I think I’ll write about it in a fresh, new post. This one is simply too messy to salvage.

Anyway, clearly this photo was not taken in a temple! It’s a sugar-cane juicer, and as I pulled out my camera one of the onlookers suggested to its owner that his face would now appear on cover of a glossy Inji magazine. Hmmmn, not quite…

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