Jonas Kaufmann

If it’s early morning whereever you are when you look at this post, I recommend you listen to the link a little later. Act three of Tosca is really not morning music. Cavaradossi knows he is about die and in this aria, naturally enough I think, reflects on how much he loves Floria, and on how cruel it is to die when life is so sweet.

This man, Jonas Kaufmann, is special. A glorious voice and a musician: a very rare combination, especially in a world where music has become an ‘industry’. Sadly he has the misfortune to have to sing with some of the flabbiest divas ever to have existed on this earth, but somehow manages to encourage them to raise their game, albeit briefly.

By the way, please forgive the French oboe player for his desperately sentimental ornament. I think he got a bit a carried away.

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