Eglise Gutiérrez

At last, I’ve come across quite a good coloratura soprano—a jewel amidst the sex kittens and italian volcanos who attempt the coloratura repetoire because they want to be hailed as the new Callas, not because they can sing it or have any understanding of the style.

There will never be another Callas, certainly not Eglise, but she isn’t at all bad. It’s a marvellous voice and she is very beautiful, every inch a diva. But what I love about her is that she really seems to love to sing. Netrebko and co. just want to be popstars. They have virtually no feeling for the music they squark and have forged their careers by copying Callas’ old recordings. Eglise, on the other hand manages to rise above that crap. She is completely entranced by the music and the glorious act of singing, which on a good day can be an even more sensual experience than sex. And she doesn’t have to choreograph being sexy…

I should add that I’d like to hear slightly crisper diction, she does have a tendency to indulge, especially on the high notes, and she is rarely still. But I can live with with her shortcomings because they are nothing in comparison to her wonderful phrasing, amazing technique, lovely sound and sheer enthusiasm. Of course, her conductors are insensitive egomaniacs, but what to do? One day Rattle or Abbado or Muti will work with her and give her the support she deserves.

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