Additions to my Blogroll

Grim word, ‘blogroll’, but what to do? We live in an insensitive world and most consumers have cloth ears. But enough of that. Today I added a couple of wonderful blogs to my list.
Brushsong is by Minette, a wonderfully fresh, young artist. I adore her work for its sensitivity and sense of joy and wonder. She is currently in Sri Lanka taking gorgeous photos and so hers is an unmissable blog for those interested in that part of the world.
The other is Cory’s Pixtress. It was Cory who inspired me to make a bit more of an effort to learn how to use a camera (not that I’ve got very far…).  I love the way she looks at the world and the warmth of her appreciation of it. Looking at her work suddenly showed me the point of  ‘photography as opposed to ‘tourist snaps’.
Both blogs come highly recommended.

One thought on “Additions to my Blogroll

  1. Thanks Janine! I should say, you’re the one who inspired me to get back on the blog wagon and start writing again. Your column makes me smile everyday.

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