The Entabulator

I need help. Just now I was getting ready to brave IKEA on Christmas shopping Saturday but had to interrupt the process of getting into my underwear (I went to the loo just in my knickers—don’t try to visualize it, it was not a pretty sight). Within a very few mintes I returned to the bedroom to finished getting dressed and found myself putting another pair of knickers on over the ones I was already wearing. Sad, don’t you think?

Actually, I was thinking about the video I’ve posted below. Suyin sent it this morning (thankyou Suyin) and apparently it’s a kind of warm up for a serious information video for something highly technical. It was entirely unscripted and done for fun, which I think is pretty obvious when you watch it.

I showed it to Andreas first thing, even before he’d taken his first sip of tea (usually a dangerous time that I recommend you steer clear of if humanly possible) and it took him 30 seconds to crease up laughing.

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