A Gathering of Goats

…on the the southern-most burning ghat. Although I must say, this photo comes over much better when it’s bigger. I felt a bit self-conscious as I took it because, technically, photo-taking is forbidden on the burning ghats. Noone seemed to mind when I pulled out my camera though, and a couple of would-be-tour guides even tried to steer me to a smouldering pyre so I could capture the final stages of the immolation. It felt wrong, though. I’ve become such an abider-by-rules in my old age. Except rules imposed by publishers, which I seem to break by the bucket load.

2 thoughts on “A Gathering of Goats

    1. Well, ‘renegade’ hits the mark. Photographer… hmmnnn, more a snapper, I think. I hope you’re continuing to enjoy your new job, and that we’ll bump into each other again before long.

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