Frisch Gepresst Leinöl

Désirée turned us on to the delicious freshly pressed linseed oil she buys at Winterfeld Platz Markt on Saturdays. It’s a great market, right at the heart of pink Schöneberg, and full of good quality, high-end food, plus the usual bags and slippers and what not. I’ve been three times now. Each time it’s rained, and yesterday it even snowed. I appear to inspire a strong reaction from the weather in Schöneberg.

If you do a circumambulation of the outer stalls, the first one on the left is the linseed oil lady. Her press looks like something you might find in India, except of course, it’s clean, works effortlessly and efficiently, and there’s a label in the basket collecting what’s left of the seeds once the oil has been squeezed out.

The label says “Leinkuchen”, which literally means ‘flax cakes.’ They must have some healthy giving property that I know nothing about, but on looks alone, it’s hard to imagine ever wanting to nibble one. They remind me too much of the pellets we fed to horses nearly 40 years ago—when I still loved looking after animals and had yet to discover sex, drugs and rock’n’roll—or worms. Or animal dropping. Basically, nothing I’d be tempted to soak and add to my muesli in the mornings.

Clearly, there are still things about German cuisine that it’s better not to delve into too deeply.

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