5 thoughts on “Daydreaming…

    1. Rinpoche is Practicing a sadhana , which means doing a practice of unifiying Claritiy and Emptiness, and obviously you shot while he was doing the visualisations…..
      Thank You so much for these really very inspiring fotos ! They enhance me for practicing so much!
      and on the third photo Rinpoche obviously takes a picture.
      what you mean by daydreaming , … I’m sorry can’t understand..

      1. Hi Margarete, I called it ‘daydreaming’ because that’s what I was doing. Remembering being with Rinpoche in Australia last year, which is now like a dream!

  1. Of course, Janine thank You, now I can see you in connection with these fotos, and understand – of course they invite your memories….must have been a wonderful precious time! Thanks a lot again for these intimate fotos, by which I’m so much inspired ! just to say I like this post, isn’t enough….

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