About Gurus

Just found this on Vimeo and, given that it’s a Sunday morning, it seems far more fitting to listen to Rinpoche than to waste time scribbling meaningly babble. Someone calling themselves Khyentse Norbu uploaded it, but I don’t know if the that person really is Rinpoche. The subject of the video is, though…

It turns out that the interview is one Lesley Ann Patten included on the DVD of her documentary about Rinpoche, The Words of My Perfect Teacher (see comments to this post). Both Andreas (my husband) and Philip (my ex-husband) can be seen during the football section of that movie… ha ha! And if you’d like to buy the DVD to see them (and Rinpoche), and by so doing support independent documentary makers—they’re the ones who really suffer from rife pirating, not big hitters in the movie world—go to

5 thoughts on “About Gurus

  1. Hi Janine, it’s from an interview we did with Rinpoche during the making of “Words Of My Perfect Teacher”, and it was included as bonus material on the DVD of the film. It has been pirated all over the internet. The funniest example was when my co-producer from the National Film Board went to Bhutan and bought me a bootlegged copy from a shop in Thimphu.

  2. Thank you much for blogging this Jenine! You’ve made my insomnia worthwhile 🙂

    1. Poor you, insomnia is a real drag! But as you say, in so many words, listening to Khyentse Rinpoche makes all kinds of suffering worth while! I hope you rediscover your sleep patterns.

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