It’s my friend Dorothy Iannone’s birthday today. A mile-stone birthday, as it happens, but I’m far too discrete to divulge which one…

I’ve been struggling for a couple of days to find the perfect image to offer you, Dorothy, on your birthday, and have finally plumped for a snap of Sogyal Rinpoche with Heinz and Andreas. I took it after we all had dinner at Pauly Saal on Auguststrasse during Rinpoche’s last visit to Berlin. We had walked round into Tucholskystrasse to see the building once owned by Anne’s family. I started snapping Rinpoche in the twilight, trying desperately to get the settings right on my camera, but often failing, and nervous about being too conspicuous. Suddenly Rinpoche announced he wanted to have his picture taken with each of us, so in spite of my badly set up camera, I had a go. This is one of those photos.

Rinpoche was laughing about how short he was in comparison to the two German boys, and Andreas, with his rather stiff back, was laughing about failing to do the ‘Tibetan’ thing of bowing so he could be lower than Rinpoche, and I think Heinz was laughing just because he was so happy to be with Rinpoche. It was great fun. And of course, I thought of you because you’d had your latest opening dinner at Pauly Saal only a few weeks earlier.

Happy Birthday, dear Dorothy. I hope you have a wonderful day (and I’ll phone you a little later on).

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