Finding Manjushri

In Bir a couple of years ago, Dolma and Al made a twenty-minute movie based on a story Khyentse Rinpoche has often told during teachings about a monk who longed to meet Manjushri. I haven’t yet seen the finished film yet, but I just found the official website and my appetite has been thoroughly whetted. Ha ha! The whole thing was done with next to no funding, so there’s an opportunity on the official website (see my blogroll) to pre-order the dvd and for sponsoring dvd copies as a way of helping the project move forward. Sadly the pig (below) didn’t make it into the film because she proved to be a spectacularly uncooperative diva, but is so beautiful that I simply had to steal her image from the website for this post—will you forgive me, dear Dolma?

7 thoughts on “Finding Manjushri

  1. I was so sad we couldn’t use the dear piggy in our film Janine!
    But Rinpoche was absolutely right… pigs are completely impossible to work with! She was so intent on eating the grass she wouldn’t even raise her head no matter what we did – including the entire cast and crew waving their arms around, stamping, yelling and dancing in some kind of primordial frenzy to try to get her attention. It simply didn’t work one bit. She was the most obstinate creature I have ever come across.

    I hope you enjoy the film when you see it.
    It is not as perfect as I imagined it or anywhere good as I would like it to be… but considering we did it all ouselves with no funding and not much time and with a totally untrained cast, well, considering that, I think we did ok.

    So watch it with that in mind!

    Thankyou for your helpful comments regarding the script.
    You are mentioned int he credits!

    1. I’m sure I’ll love it! And congratulations for pulling the whole thing together. Having an idea is the easy part. Realizing it is something else entirely!

  2. I just got to know that the film was selected to go to Cannes…. Isn’t it amazing! Congratulations…. ❤

    1. Thanks for the excellent news! It’s a wonderful film: witty, well-paced, elegantly shot in a way that doesn’t drag you from the story, good performances from all the actors, including the donkey, and it’s fun. It really deserves a wider audience. Dolma and Al are an extremely talented team, and I hope the success of this film will encourage them to make more.

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