Kirsty MacColl

The Guardian ran a piece about Kirsty MacColl on Sunday, the singer/songwriter who died in 2000 (run over by a speed boat in Mexico). I’m not much of a pop fan, but I heard her song “In These Shoes?” while waiting for a movie to begin in one of the old Berlin cinemas (since closed, inevitably, now that the Sony Centre has the monopoly on OV movies). It took some effort to identify what it was, but there are times when being obsessive-compulsive has an upside. And I still listen to this song when I need cheering up.

Kirsty was my age, or would have been had she lived. And coincidentally, I thought of her and this song while we were in Dzogchen Beara, even though I had no idea that her 53rd birthday was coming, or that it would be marked in any way by the press. She popped into my rusty mind for a far more prosaic reason: my lack of appropriate footwear.

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