Funny business, this ‘blogging.’ I’m not much of a ‘blogger,’ actually. I couldn’t care less about stats (the number of ‘followers’, I am told, is the true mark of a successful blogger, and increases the ‘value’ of the blog; mine, according to a website that specializes in assessing such things, is worth US$654… imagine!)  and for the most part write to please myself, to exercise my memory and to polish my craft. If anyone reads what I write, it’s a bonus—and to the handful of friends who regularly tune in, I offer my heartfelt thanks.

Every so often, though, ten or twenty times as many visitors than usual are logged on the ‘stats’ page as having visited this site, and always for no obvious reason. This summer, for example, I didn’t post for a few weeks, yet one day right in the middle of my blogging desert, Oiling a Rusty Mind hosted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of visitors. Perhaps one of the Rinpoche’s casually mentioned this page to someone and started the avalanche? I’ll probably never know.

Today, as I’ve written myself to a standstill these past few days, I’m having a holiday. It’s reunification day here in Germany, and I’m celebrating by doing the whole of Penny Smith’s Yoga video instead of agonizing over verbs and modifiers. So, for all those for whom the photos are the main draw, here’s another of Emily Crow’s portraits of Khyentse Rinpoche.

4 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Don`t remember how i found my way here, maybe Facebook maybe not.Indeed you are right about the “Rinpoches” and the “images” but i also found your blog nice to read in general so i signed for a “subscribtion” through mail which i do not do very often.
    Take care both of you! Mikael

      1. yep! i am still loving my new job…not sure how lucky they are but I know I am! 🙂 miss you – thanks for blogging – i mostly always read – a lovely “janine vitamin” 🙂

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