The vajrayana isn’t simple…

The drupchen proper hasn’t started yet, but the joint (aka Rigpa’s gorgeous centre in Berlin) is really jumpin’! The mandala house, while rather smaller than the kind OT Rinpoche builds in Bir, is coming together rather nicely, the monks are well organized and seem very relaxed, and today OT Rinpoche gave a great teaching on drupchen. I wish I could tell you everything he said, but typically, I spaced out so completely that I didn’t even take my notebook from my bag.

The one point he made that really stuck, though, was that the vajrayana is not simple, and never could be. Therefore, it’s really not a path those who long for an uncomplicated method for attaining spiritual realization should consider.

Why this particular point made me so happy, I have no idea. I myself am incapable of holding two consecutive thoughts in my memory for more than ten seconds, so the elaborations of the vajrayana are way beyond me. Yet I love the fact that such a path exists and that there are people, even today, who enjoy getting stuck into its complexities.

But that’s pretty much all I brought away with me, apart from a few snaps of the morning’s events, for your delight and delectation (I think I may have used that phrase before—apologies for my appalling lack of and originality).

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