Behind the scenes…

Today, I dragged my aching carcass to the second session of day 2 of the drupchen, and once I got there was extremely glad of it. The atmosphere was dripping with Guru Rinpoche, in all his many manifestations. Lovely!

Here are a few snaps of what’s going on outside the shrine room. This is the buddha at the front door of the centre—beautiful, no? His shape and form are those suggested by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, who has exquisite taste and a deep affection for ancient Indian style. The third picture is of the room where the monks keep all the ritual paraphernalia, but what they do with the bright red concrete mixer, I have no idea! And the fourth picture is of the back of the centre. It’s so warm here in Berlin, that the Lotus Lounge is able to offer refreshment al fresco—which makes meal times really quite luxurious, for a drupchen.

2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes…

  1. Thanks so much for your posts about the drupchen. Much appreciated. By the way, the auspicious red concrete mixer is to process the mendrup at the end of the drupchen. I remember it well from the last drupchen at Lerab Ling. The drupchen finished but the work continued….

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