Mixing the Mendrup

It was mixing the mendrup day today. Everyone (except me… too lazy) was up and ready for a 4am start, and there were pots of potions cooking in the wintergarten when I arrived. By lunchtime, the smell of the mendrup had permeated (as they say) every inch of the Berlin centre, and was particularly sweet and heavy outside OT Rinpoche’s room on the top floor.

OT Rinpoche told Philip that this batch of mendrup had turned out quite well, and added that he usually put the majority of the mendrup he makes into the sea. For creatures whose karma it is to be born at the bottom of the ocean, he explained, it’s just about the only opportunity they’ll ever have to make contact with the dharma.

OT Rinpoche, it seems, takes his promise to help all sentient beings extremely seriously.

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