From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

OK, so I must warn you straight away: this is not a post about OT Rinpoche or Sogyal Rinpoche or the drupchen or anything remotely to do with Buddhadharma. Please come back later in the week if you want to read any more about all that stuff.

Today is another Miriam day. Why I even navigated to youtube at 10am on a Monday morning is a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s another symptom of middle-age? Or one of the countless unconcious maneuvres I employ to delay the start of the working day (which is itself pitifully short)? I really don’t know. But there I was, looking up Rupert Everett on youtube (I’m reading his memoirs), when suddenly there she was with Graham Norton in a clip I haven’t seen before. I adore her (as I’ve mentioned once or twice before). The precision of her diction, her exquisite comic timing and her wicked sense of humour all cheer me up enormously, and samsara being what it is, the extreme mirth she inspires has left my cheeks wet with tears. May she live for a very, very long time. 

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