Tibetan Woman with Goose

A pond has been dug between OT Rinpoche’s house and the new gompa. It’s the home of a couple of geese and a few ducks that look surprisingly healthy for India, probably because the rather mangy hounds that used to wander round the grounds have disappeared. I think they ate the first couple of generations of pond dwellers and were banished.

This, obviously, is Lama Godi, not a goose or a duck. He is walking quite well now, although he does sometimes use a stick. But he must be well into his late 80s, so he’s doing pretty well. (Thanks, Philip, for letting me post your great photo.)

2 thoughts on “Tibetan Woman with Goose

  1. Hello Janine Schulzla, saw you last sitting on our little floor space at the CPN Drüpchen at LL in 2014. Thankyou for all your wonderful photos…and words which I’ll read all of when its not so past my sleeping time…

    You might find that this great lady is no goose!
    It looks like Jetsün Jampa Chökyi to me!

    Best wishes in my time of broken-heartedness,
    May the legacy of Sogyal Rinpoche endure!
    Sharon Dewar
    (SR used to call me the “other Janine” at our Australian retreats, that I reminded him of you)

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