Indian Drama

Last year, the son of one of Indian families living near the Labrang fell in love with a girl from a higher caste than his. Her family were absolutely against the match, yet somehow the two married in a lavish ceremony that lasted two days and two nights and she moved in with his family.

A year later, the boy’s parents accused the girl of not working hard enough and a rather noisy and quite violent scene played itself out yesterday afternoon, in full view of Pawo and Stephanie’s balcony where several members of the Labrang congregated to watch. Raj Kumar (one of the Labrang cooks) acted as translator.

Apparently, the girl’s parents turned up to remove their daughter from her husband family home, intending to take her home with them. However, her husband, in defiance of his parents, refused to let her go. Undaunted, the girl’s parents resorted to physically dragging her out of the house, but her husband wouldn’t let her go.

This went on for several hours, along with quite a lot of shouting and weeping and what have you. And today noone’s quite sure what the outcome was…

Here’s a snap of the other end of Iloo Road. It’s quite different from Lower Bir (the Colony) and seems far more Indian.

3 thoughts on “Indian Drama

  1. pawo said things like this were their entertainment in bir. 🙂
    there was a fight while i was there, the settings were quite similar as stated by pawo. i wasn’t witnessing as i pretended to do a retreat in my room. 😛
    i wonder was this fight the sequel of the earlier one?
    the picture is nice..

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