Anna the Boy

A beautiful, completely healthy little cat has moved into the place I stay in Bir. Jamyang Dorjee says he’s from Bhutan and that Tarthang Tulku named him Anna. How did a boy cat acquire a girl’s name? It seems noone could find a willy or balls when he was a kitten, so they assumed he was a girl. He is Bhutanese (as are many of the people I live with) and I wonder if the equipment cats from Bhutan are born with is of a different dimension to that of European cats.

Anyway, I first met him yesterday at lunch as he nestled into Khyentse Rinpoche’s lap. I then bumped into him regularly throughout the day and was delighted when he joined us for supper, this time purring contentedly on Jamyang Dorjee’s lap. Cats are rare in Bir, and health-looking cats, until Anna, completely unknown.

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