The Dining Room Lamp

There’s a lamp in the Labrang dining room that’s causing me quite a lot of anguish. But it’s my own fault. I mean, if you were Rinpoche, would you want to be the object of an amateur snapper over supper, especially after you’d put in a hard day giving lungs and empowerments and whatnot? I wouldn’t. So I can quite see why the lamp has been placed in the least advantageous position for chancers like me to get a good shoot.

Sadly, with age I have less control over my actions than ever and can’t seem to stop myself from reaching for my camera, even at the least appropriate moment. With luck, I’ll grow out of it before long (I should really be thinking of other things), and anway, I have that poxy lamp to contend with.

To that end, here are few rather ordinary portraits, stolen over the past couple of nights, but offered in the hope that drowning you all in images of an Indian standard lamp (a throwback to the English style imported by Memsahibs in the early part of the 20th century) might satiate my rather desperate obsession.

6 thoughts on “The Dining Room Lamp

  1. this is my first enconter with a blog so I do hope I do it right ! lovely to read about your world xxxxx happy birthday and all that xxxxx Janie X

    1. I’m amazed and stunned. And touched that you are willing to waste some of your precious time on leafing through the pages of this online diary. Ach ja, I wish you were here, though, so I could show you all this in real time. I hope all is well and send much love…

  2. Janine, thank you, I am most grateful to your “uncontrolled” camera actions :-), please keep them up… the results are precious for those of us who didn’t make it to Bir…for whatever stupid reasons!

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