Bir: Boom Town

Here are the photos of local Indian houses, and even a laundry with actual washing machines (unheard of in this neck of the woods), that I had intended to post yesterday, but which Rinpoche’s hat and the weather deflected from its original publishing date and has now become today’s offering.

The last picture in the series is of a kind of stile that’s been built into a new wall. It must look ordinary to many of you, but honestly, it’s something I never imaged I’d ever see here. Usually clambering over impossible, dirty and even dangerous objects is par for the course up here in the mountains. But the locals are becoming more and more savvy as they accumulate wealth and experience, so stiles and such like are now on their radars. I have mixed feeling about it all. At the same time, though, this stile is rather lovely… as stiles go.

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