Saraswasti Day 3

…and I pray it’s the last. Why, oh why, did Saraswasti never specify that the music offered to her should be beautiful, not amplified by a factor of 10,000, and not involve computer-generated thudding! All the Saraswasti images in Varanasi have as their guardians a small band of children and a very, very large amplifier. All of them! And they all play what passes for ‘popular music’ throughout the day and have done, day and night, for three days. I think I’m going round the bend. Not going, actually, gone… ARGHHH!

Today, I saw a crazed band of brothers escorting their Saraswasti somewhere—perhaps to the Ganga?—and rather than bringing what in the 80s and 90s we called ‘ghetto blasters’, they strapped a dozen speakers to a cycle rickshaw, followed by a generator on a second cycle rickshaw, so they could continue to offer their ‘music’ for as long as humanly possible. I suppose I should admire their devotion, but somehow…

I tried to take photos (see below) but it wasn’t easy because as soon as the boys saw the camera they all wanted their photo taken and grabbed my arms as they girated and posed like Bollywood superstars. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep the camera steady, or get a clear view of anything. Ach ja, another case of undiscriminating youthful exuberance toppling high artistic aspiration. What to do?

One thought on “Saraswasti Day 3

  1. dear janine,
    i am sorry you have to bare the music offerings like this. but i have been amused by your writings, as always. 🙂
    it is good to experience some India through your writings and images. i love the young faces you captured here. i am sure you are, same as the kids there, well blessed by Saraswasti in some way.
    take care.
    jun @ a more civilized but a little boring place called Hong Kong 😉

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